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Software Process Improvement Strategies

Aayusoft Technologies, Inc. is a consulting firm also specializing in software and systems engineering process improvement based on the CMMI ® and other quality improvement frameworks.

We, at Aayusoft, help software and systems organizations achieve high performance and build business value through process improvement.

Our main focus, based on our extensive experience, is to help our clients solve their critical problems and implement effective changes. Each of our engagement is structured to ensure that the client's unique needs and requirements are addressed.

We offer proven consulting services for all stages of process improvement including:

Strategic Planning

Our team created a well-thought-out plan that takes into account both deficiencies in the current process and the evolving needs of the business. Strategic planning is the roadmap for engineering process groups make the right choices in order to make the process improvement a reality. One of our key strength is to provide our clients a structured approach for planning orderly, cost-effective process improvement.

Implementation Guidance

In order to achieve maximum quality, We at Aayusoft, provide ongoing guidance and support for process improvement – from educating our clients about CMMI practices to advising process groups and managers and reviewing process definitions

We provide well planned and structured services to ensure that our clients make well-directed and achievable progress.

Measurement is an the key element of process management. Our consultants will help you establish effective measurement programs that address your organization's information needs and are consistent with the maturity of your organization's processes.

Monitor Progress

Through our Progress Reviews throughout the engagement, we ensure that your process efforts stay on track. These progress reviews allow us to help you assess progress, resolve issues, and make decisions regarding your process improvements.

IT Compliance

Sound IT governance is increasingly important in light of business pressures and government regulations. Our IT Compliance services can help ensure that your governance processes are up to the task.

Our Clients either use our services for individual focus areas or to provide full life cycle solution implementation. We will be very pleased to discuss this approach in detail with your organization.

Some of our services we offer but not limited to are: